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About Us

Ayuda Real

We are a Christ-centered team which has a passion for working with the most marginalized people of Nicaragua. Our team is a group of individuals who have been inspired to make a real difference. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization and all donors can deduct contributions made to us.


Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for the young, marginalized, and victimized people of Nicaragua to become followers of Jesus, compassionate community leaders, and proficient in English and job skills, allowing them to be self-sufficient and examples to others.

How We Do it

With the generous donations we receive, we achieve our mission through a combination of English academies, working with local partners, and employer connections. Our focus is mainly on high school and college students - enabling the next generation of Nicaragua's workforce to be productive members in the country's economy and future, to ultimately begin to change the course of Nicaragua's economic situation.

How We're Different

Boots on the Ground

Ayuda Real isn't a pass-through organization. We work directly in country as a registered entity.

We currently work in León and have had a presence in the country for over 10 years.


The individuals who go through our programs are supported, mentored, and held accountable.


Good attendance, communication, respect, and hard work are  are expectations.

Providing Independence

Our first goal is bringing people

to Christ. We believe this is the ultimate form of independence.

We provide economic independence through English proficiency and professional development.

Our Team

Chris Taylor

Executive Director

Sofia Taylor

Board Member

Ari Maguire

Creative Director

Board Member

Angel Castillo


Program Manager

Dave Fiore


Advisory Board Member

Our Backstory

Like many Nicaraguans, Sofia's parents were displaced during the war and ultimately came to the United States to provide a better future for their children. Although Sofia and her brothers lived in the Bay Area for most of their childhood, their parents made sure certain aspects of their Nicaraguan culture remained strong in the household. Still, without having the opportunity to visit Nicaragua, much of Sofia's Nicaraguan background was not fully discovered.


In 2013, Chris and Sofia traveled to Nicaragua with their two daughters. This would be Sofia's first time returning to Nicaragua as an adult, and first time meeting much of her family. After their second trip to Nicaragua in 2014, Chris and Sofia felt called to lift up the young people struggling to make a life after school. They formed Ayuda Real based on having a deep passion for making real changes in the lives of the Nicaraguan people.

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